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More about God

By now, you understand that God is the mathematical formula which runs and propels the universe.  He is not a human being or a superior being which does what ever he wants just for pleasure.  He is the divine law, the mathematical formula which runs the entire universe. 

One must learn to fear and worship God.  Why?  Let's say you threw the coins asking about your life safety, and God gave you a sign indicating that your life will be in danger in December.  Will you believe in the word of God and stay home in December?  Or will you ignore the sign and go out and have fun in December?  If you worship God, you will trust the signs that God has given you.  Therefore you will not go out in December in order to avoid danger.  But if you do not fear the words of God, you will ignore the sign and will go out in December.  Then the unthinkable will happen because God will command a truck to run over your body. 

One must be sincere to God.  One must dedicate his life to God.  Why?   Let's say you are a person who keeps saying, "I believe in the Lord.  I fear the Lord.".  But you never study or practice I-Ching.  God will kill you one day because you are insincere.  You are only pretending to be faithful to the Lord, but in your heart you have no place for the Lord.  Therefore, Lord will not be on your side.  If you don't study I-Ching, you cannot communicate with the Lord.   Now what kind of sincerity is that?  You don't necessarily have to learn I-Ching.  You can also learn how to use Urim and Thummin to communicate with the Lord.  But the problem is:  I-Ching is the most sophisticated and the most dependable language of God nowadays.  You cannot find anything that's accurate enough to compare with I-Ching.  So I-Ching becomes your only choice.  You can use any divine oracle to communicate with the Lord.  As long as you are sincere, the Lord will be on your side.  The ones who are not sincere must be eliminated!  The ones who worship the wrong God ( a carved image, a dead person, or a living idol ) must also be eliminated by the real Lord.

How can you proof that God is a mathematical formula?

Easy!! Let's say you are in a spaceship.  There are no gravity and no wind.  And you toss a ball from point A at exactly 45 degrees toward the floor.  Then it bounces off from the floor and hits point B. 

Point A is 5 feet above ground

The ball is represented by C.

The ball bounced off from point D, and point D is the exact center of point A and B.

ball.gif (1404 bytes)

If point A is exactly 5 feet above the ground, then point B, where the ball ends up, should also be exactly 5 feet above the ground.  Even an elementary school kid can calculate this because no forces of nature are involved. 

But what if you toss a ball on Earth?  Where will the ball end up?

On Earth, there are wind and gravity.  The ball could land anywhere.   This seems a lot more chaotic, doesn't it?  This time, it's hard to calculate.

But that doesn't mean you cannot calculate where exactly the ball will land!!

Some professional gamblers are even good enough to figure out at what zone of the roulette wheel will the ball most likely land.  Lots of professional gamblers figured out how to beat the casinos at their own games by mathematics.

If professional gamblers can figure out where the roulette ball will land, what card will appear next, or which slot machine should strike a jack pot next, why can't a person figure out what God is going to do next? 

ball2.gif (1318 bytes)

roulette.jpg (4607 bytes)

A real prophet knows that God is a mathematical matrix.  If your future equals 10, and you are 3, your luck must equal 7.  Everything is inter-related.  You are connected to the things that are before you and after you.  This means the coin toss after your question are connected to each other.  So we can decode the pattern shown on the coins to answer your question accurately.

I know that the world seems chaotic and incalculable.  But the truth could shock you.  If a prophet is good enough, he could calculate everything that is to happen in the future.  There are so many Chinese and Western prophets that have calculated thousands of years ahead into the future accurately.  I have read the works of many Chinese prophets who predicted every little future historical events in extreme details.   None of them made a single mistake.  The names of future kings, the months and dates of events, the details of the events, etc. have been prophesied in great precision.  

I have another convincing point to make. 

What is the job of a professional stock analyst?  ANSWER;  A professional stock analyst predicts the stock market trend and reads the stock chart.  Below is a stock chart.

Chart.jpg (14065 bytes)

See 2 blue lines?  One at the top of the trend and one at the bottom of the trend.  Why are there blue lines existing guiding the flow of the stock market?  How come the blue lines are so accurate?  Who sets this rule?  How come it's always there?   Nobody sets the rule, and the blue lines will always be there in every single stock chart.   The blue lines form a very noticeable pattern.    Just by drawing the lines, you can have a good idea where the market is heading.   Every professional analyst knows that there is a mathematic formula involved in the stock market trend.  Every stock chart has a unique, organized pattern.   Therefore, a stock market analyst is trained to read the stock chart so that he can predict the future of the stock.  If a stock market analyst can predict the future of stocks just by reading the chart patterns, does this mean that there are ways to predict the future of the world?  Can a fortune teller predict the future by looking at the stars?  Can a card reader foretell the future by Tarot cards?   Is there a pattern which guides the entire world?  Can one predict the future by reading a hexagram?  Absolutely!

The entire world also follows a pattern.  Just like the stock market, it is also propelled by a mathematical formula.   And who do you think that formula is?   Who is then the analyst of the world?

Answer:  The analyst of the world is called a prophet, a learned person who practices astrology, math, and sign reading.    His job is to predict the future of the world and decipher the formula which affects our world.  That formula is GOD.  The entire bible (old testament) is a book of prophecy written by only the prophets.  If you are not a professional prophet, you don't have the authority to write up prophecies.

What's a prophet? (Short description)

A prophet is a learned person who knows astrology and reads natural signs.  A natural sign could be a dream, a Tarot card, or a natural phenomena.   (The burning bush that Moses saw was a natural phenomena.  A stock chart is also a natural phenomena.)  A prophet is a very high level fortune teller.  If a fortune teller or a psychic makes mistakes in a prediction, he or she cannot qualify to be a prophet.   One of the most powerful prophet I know is Moses, a powerful astrologer who has encoded the entire assembly of God into the first five books of the Bible which is known as the Torah.  Without Moses' high level of understanding of the mathematical formula of the universe (God), one cannot invent such a delicate prophecy chart (Torah) which is composed of less than 500,000 Hebrew letters and yet is still so accurate.  The coding found in the Torah is known to contain every person's identity, incident of every historical event, data of the complete past and the complete future, EVERYTHING!  To learn more about the hidden Torah codes, click here.   Boy I wish I can come up with something like that!  But too bad it has already been invented. 

God himself admitted that he is just nature in the Torah.

In Exodus, 3:14, Moses asked God for his identity.  And God told Moses, "I am that I am."

God meant he is natural.  God meant he is just nature. 

Translation:  I am what I am, and nobody can explain about my existence.   Just like an artistic and unified structure of a sea shell, I am 100% naturally formed out of the blues.  I formed myself, for I am nature.  I am my own parents.  I am the past, the present, and the future.  I am that I am.

How else can one explain the meaning of "I am that I am"?

Maimonides, one of the most famous Jewish leaders, has written 'The Thirteen Articles of Jewish Faith'.  They are as follows:

  1. Belief in the existence of the Lord, who is perfect in every manner and is the primary cause of all that exist.

  2. The belief in God's absolute and unparalleled unity.

  3. The belief in God's noncorporeality, nor that He will be affected by any physical occurrences, such as movement, or wish, or dwelling.

  4. The belief in God's eternity.

  5. The imperative to worship Him exclusively and no foreign false gods.

  6. The belief that God communicates with man through prophecy.

  7. The belief that the prophecy of Moses is the most accurate.

  8. The belief in the divine origin of the Torah.

  9. The belief in the immutability of the Torah.

  10. The belief that God records all deeds and thoughts of every person.

  11. The belief that God rewards those who keep His commandments and punishes those who transgress His commandments. 

  12. The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.

  13. The belief in the resurrection of the dead.

Based on years of experience, the only I-Ching compatible religion is Judaism.

Moses has told the Jews that God cannot be symbolized by hand carved images, nor can God be compared to a human idol.  So idol worshipping is strictly forbidden.   Remember that some Hebrews, while traveling in the desert, made a golden image of a beast and started to worship it as their God?  When Moses found that out, he immediately sentenced those idol worshippers to death.  I think if Moses is still alive, he would be furious to see people worshipping a dead man on a cross.   Religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, etc. are all idol worshipping religions.   Those religions are forbidden by God.  The only religion which is permitted and is sponsored by God is Judaism because Judaism forbids idol worshipping.  Maybe Islam is not an idol worshipping religion.  But Muhammad, who proclaims to be a prophet of God, made too many false prophecies.  I think that the 2nd best religion is Hinduism because Hinduism also did separate God from human idols.   But too bad that Hinduism is not as famous as Judaism.  Hinduism also focuses too much on the Messiah.  Another word, I feel that Hindus place the Messiah figure above God because I don't see them talking about God at all.  All they talk about is that one day the holy Messiah will arrive and will save the entire world.  But where did they mention about God?  Although I am Chinese, I don't support the Chinese Daoism because Daoism has a God for everything.  There is a God who controls the ocean, and there is a God who regulates the sky.  That's why Daoism is obsolete.   Remember:   Idol is idol.  God is God.  No man can replace God or be God, no matter how glorious he appears to be. 

I-Ching is not God.  I-Ching is just a language that you use to communicate with God.  God is like a computer, and I-Ching is like a programming language.  ( C+, Java, Perl, Quick Basic. etc)  The only way for you to access the computer is to use a programming language to communicate with the computer.  Therefore, I-Ching is not forbidden by God.

God said to Moses, "Create a breastpiece for making decisions!"

The Breastpiece    (Exodus 28:15)

"Create a breastpiece for making decisions by the work of a skilled craftsman.   Make it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen.   Then mount four rows of precious stones on it."

God commanded Moses to make a plate which contains 12 types of stones.  This plate is supposed to be a tool that is to be used by a prophet for making decisions.  The four rows of gemstones represent four seasons.

"In the first row there shall be a ruby, a topaz and a beryl; 
in the second row a turquoise, a sapphire and an emerald; 
in the third row a jacinth, an agate and an amethyst; 
in the fourth row a chrysolite, an onyx and a jasper.  
There are to be twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes."

Every season has 3 months.  Each month is being represented by a kind of gemstone. 

"Whenever Aaron enters the Holy Place, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel over his heart on the breastpiece of decision as a continuing memorial before the LORD. Also put the Urim and the Thummim in the breastpiece, so they may be over Aaron's heart whenever he enters the presence of the LORD .  Thus Aaron will always bear the means of making decisions for the Israelites over his heart before the LORD."

Aaron has been promoted to be a prophet.

Coincidentally, I-Ching also has 12 elements.  Each element can be represented by a gemstone.  t, c, y, m, cn, e, w, wa, s, yo, sh, and h.

And the funny thing is, take a look at the colors of these 12 stones.

white metal
blue water
brown soil
green wood
red fire
yellow soil
beryl.gif (27089 bytes) Topaz.gif (8335 bytes) 2amethys.gif (7871 bytes) agate.jpg (3572 bytes) 2ruby.gif (7458 bytes) chrysolite.gif (9909 bytes)
white metal
blue water
brown soil
green wood
red fire
yellow soil
sapphire.gif (7477 bytes) turquoise.jpg (7078 bytes) onyx.jpg (4577 bytes) 2emerald.jpg (4198 bytes) jacinth.jpg (11146 bytes) jasper.jpg (4651 bytes)

How did Moses turn his cane into a snake?  Will God allow me to perform magic tricks like that if I learn I-Ching?

Most people know that the Hebrews cried 40 days and 40 nights when Aaron died in the desert.  But only a wise man realizes that the term '40 days and 40 nights' basically means 'a long time'.  In the Hebrew calendar, a generation consists of 40 years.   So the term '40 days and 40 nights' is just a phrase used to describe a long period of time.

A snake, based on Egyptologists, symbolizes wisdom.  A cane symbolizes knowledge and ability.  'Moses stroked his cane on the ground, and the cane turned into a snake.' basically means Moses used his knowledge and ability to show great wisdom which impressed the king of Egypt.   

A goat is a peaceful animal which symbolizes purity and innocence.  Blood symbolizes deeds or soul.  'God will not hurt the families which painted their front door with goat blood.' basically means good and innocent people will have good karma which will keep danger and misery away from them.  Only evil people will drink the wrath of God.

The first son symbolizes a leading nation.  'The death of the first sons of all Egyptians' basically means Egypt will no longer be the most powerful nation in the world after the ten plaques.

Adam and Eve symbolize positive and negative, which created everything in the universe.

Nobody can see God's face, but Moses was allowed to see a part of God's cheek?   The mathematical formula of the universe is infinite just like the universe itself.   Therefore, nobody can see the complete formulation of this formula.  Moses was a very, very high level prophet, and he was able to decipher a large chunk of the formula.   The hidden bible codes hidden inside the first 5 books of Moses proved that Moses was good enough to see God's cheek.  Therefore, Moses is the chief of all prophets who lived before or after him.

The Bible (old testament) sounds like a fairy tale to idiots, but only wise men will understand the meaning behind the meaning.

How come one is controlled by God?  I thought that a person is his own God because one can decide what he wants to do in life.

Remember that the earth always rotate around the sun.  The moon always rotate around Earth.  One day is always 24 hours long.  Have you ever seen a day which only produced 16 hours?  Have you ever seen that moon sits still in the sky for one whole day just because it's tired of rotating?

The point is nothing can break the system.  If you and your spouse are both white, you child will come out to be white.  Can you give birth to a black kid if both you and your husband are white?  If you sow a sun flower seed, you will get a sun flower.   Will bananas grow out of soil if you sow a sun flower seed? 

Although you expected your child to become a top lawyer, a doctor, or a wealthy business person, your child might grow up to be a car thief.  Although one expects to live more than 80 years, he might die in a car accident at age 20.  If you walk in a bad neighborhood at night, you could be robbed.  So there is always chaos.

When there is chaos, there is a system.  When there is a system, there is chaos.   The system cannot leave chaos, and chaos cannot leave the system.  Look at the yin-yang symbol.  The white dot sitting inside the black cloud means yang cannot leave yin.  The black dot sitting inside the white cloud means yin cannot leave yang.   That means if there is a system, there also must be chaos.  When you see chaos, you can be sure that a system also exists.  Although you feel that you are your own God because you can decide what you want to do in the future, the mathematical formula of the universe controls your every single step.   
yingyang.gif (4485 bytes)
Remember, chaos cannot exist without the system, and the system cannot exist without chaos.   Although you think you control your entire life, your fait has been controlled by the mathematical system of the universe.

When you tossed the coins, one coin flipped off from your index finger and spinned.  One coin fell straight down without flipping.  And another coin bounced back when it hit the ground.  Then it landed again.  Your coin toss is totally chaotic.  But do remember that chaos cannot exist without a system.  This means there is a system behind your coin toss.   That's why we can decipher the system of your coin toss in order to foretell the future.

Who invented the eight guas?  Who drew the yin-yang symbol?

Based on the legend, FuXi (Foo-Shi) and Nu Gua (Nu-Wo) survived a gigantic flood which drowned the entire world by hiding inside a giant wooden shell.   After the flood was over, Nu Gua brightened the sky with a 5 color silk.  (rainbow)  Fuxi was the one who invented the eight guas and drew the yin-yang symbol.

According to Chinese tradition, a great flood covered the earth.   Fuxi and Nu Gua escaped the flood by hiding inside a wooden shell.  Later, Fuxi discovered the Luo Shu pattern on a turtle shell when it emerged from the water at the river Luo.  The pattern was the magic square.  This pattern "magically" added to 15 in every direction.   This became the "Post Heaven" order for the Eight Trigrams (also known as the eight guas).  Then, during the Shang Dynasty, King Wen stacked the trigrams on top of one another, making 64 hexagrams.

Fuxi and Nu Gua were real persons because their life stories were carefully documented by historians.  Fuxi and Nu Gua are supposed to have lived in northwest China's Gansu Province and later have led their tribe down the Yellow River to settle in central China.  Of course Fuxi and Nu Gua were the original founders of the Chinese culture.  Based on historical document, Fuxi invented the eight guas and drew the yin-yang symbol. 

fuxicangjing.jpg (8795 bytes)

A stone carving of Fuxi and Nu Gua saving the animals from the great flood.  Fuxi and Nu Gua were also the original founders of the Chinese culture.

loshu.gif (9762 bytes)

This is the pattern which Fuxi discovered on a turtle shell.  This pattern is the father of the eight trigrams.

Fuxi survived a great flood by hiding inside a giant wooden shell.  The old testament also documented this great flood.  Coincidentally, the legend of Fuxi and Nu Gua also suggests that the great flood did happen.   So the great flood which destroyed the entire world did exist. 

So I guess Noah was the one who invented the eight guas and drew the yin-yang symbol.

Fuxi = Noah

So Noah was the one who invented the eight guas and drew the yin-yang symbol.

The eight guas were invented probably more than 10,000 years ago because archeologists found trigrams carved on bones which bear carbon dating of more than 8000 year-old.   So nobody can say for sure what era Fuxi and Nu Gua lived in. 

Why didn't people believe that God is a mathematical system in the past? 

In ancient time, only one out of 100 people knew how to read.  And out of 100 people who knew how to read, only one read more than 2 books.  And out of 100 people who read more than 2 books, only one was educated enough to comprehend the mechanism behind the law of physics or the law of astrology.  So what did most of the people do back in those days?   Most people just carved a face on a piece of wood and call it a God.  Or they just worship a living idol or worship a respected dead person as a God.    Most people back in those days had absolutely no education.  So if you told people that you are God in flesh because the spirit of God has incarnated into your body, lots of people would have believed you without a doubt.  If some people raised up questions concerning the validity of your claim, all you need to do is perform a magic trick which can astonish people.  Just tell your friend to fake death so that you can resurrect him in front of a crowd.  Then people will really believe that you are God in flesh.  But if you perform that kind of magic trick nowadays, nobody will believe you because everybody is educated in school.  But back in those days, people were easy to fool because most people didn't know how to read and write.  A simple magic trick would have fooled many.  In India, there still are lots of con artists traveling from villages to villages performing magic tricks which seem like miracles to uneducated Indian villagers.  These con artists called themselves holy men.   Some can toss a rope into thin air and climb it like climbing a pole.  Some can float in the air by only a mere support of a walking stick.  Some can walk on water like Jesus.  Some can pour water out of an empty jar.  Some con artists hire actors to play dead or play sick so that they can resurrect them or heal their diseases in front of the villagers.   Villagers will give money to these con artists for their blessings.  The motive of these con artists is either money or popularity. 

You can make a 3 year-old child behave by telling him that a monster will come out to eat naughty kids.  But once the child grows up, that kind of lie won't work on him anymore.  In the year 1999, lots of people were afraid that all computers in the world will crash when the year 2000 begins.  This was known as the 'Y2K bug'.  A con artist in China has used this opportunity to make a fortune by selling his 'Y2K bug spray' to many village farmers who thought that giant Y2K bugs will appear and will eat up their crops in year 2000.  Uneducated people can be fooled to believe that God is actually some kind of powerful living being who does what ever he pleases.  But after you have read Super I-Ching, nobody can fool you anymore since you now know what God really is and how God works.  If you still insist that God is some kind of powerful living being, we might have to compare your intelligence to that of a 3 year-old child.

Another reason why people didn't know that God is math is because people were not allowed to have such beliefs.  If you dared to say that God is math back in those days, you would have been executed by the church.  Galileo was executed by the church simply because he tried telling people that the sun does not surround Earth but Earth surrounds the sun.  Back in those days, so many Jewish rabbis knew that there is coding in the Torah, and lots of them even knew how to predict the future by deciphering the Torah codes.  But when ever these bible code deciphering Jews were exposed, they were burnt at the steak by the Christians.  They were tied to the steak with their Torah scrolls.  But now, the Christians can no longer deny that there actually is coding in the Torah thanks to today's high tech super computer.

Since most people didn't know how to read and write, the concept that God is a mathematical formula was not very popular because hardly anyone understood what a mathematical formula is.  You be lucky to bump into someone who knew how to multiply and divide.  But I think that this concept will become extremely popular in today's society.  The concept that God is a mathematical formula will be widely accepted by scientific community, and the concept itself does not contradict with most traditional religions.

Should we call God 'a mathematical formula'?  Is that respectful to God?.

Some people told me that they don't want to call God 'a mathematical formula' because it sounds disrespectful.  Then let me suggest that we call God 'a mathematical progression'. 

You don't have the right to talk about God if you don't read this book!

What I hate to see the most is a person who talks about God without knowing what God really is.  You often hear one say, "God will punish you if you don't visit our church.  God will punish the ones who do not respect our church."  I can tell that the person who made such statement has absolutely no idea what God is and how God functions.  Back in the Roman era, people thought that thunderbolts were being thrown down by the thunder God when he got angry.  Nowadays, people know that thunderbolt is static electrical charge of the earth.  Back in the days, people thought that God is a living being who does whatever he pleases.  Nowadays, people should realize that God is a mathematical, physical formula which runs and propels the entire universe.  Thunderbolt and God are just natural phenomenon that we encounter in our daily lives.  There is no magic to anything because everything depends on science.

The truth is ugly

I guess it's romantic to imagine God as a white beard sweet old man who loves everybody.  It could be magical and mysterious to think that Hercules could be supporting the earth.  When Hercules gets tired, earthquake occurs.  When Hercules gets angry, a volcano erupts.  It could make one feel comforted and special if we say that Sun rotates around Earth and that the entire universe also rotates around Earth, and Earth is also flat and not round.

But the truth hurts because the truth is far from romantic.  The truth is materialistic, bold and tasteless.  Hercules does not support the earth, and God is not a white beard old man.  The truth is not a beautiful painting, nor is the truth a romance novel.  The truth is the one which endures tests and doubts throughout the ages until the end of men.  What is untrue shall eventually become obsolete because only the truth can endure until the end.

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