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How come your I-Ching book is so different from other I-Ching books that I have read in book stores?  Other I-Ching books are more easy to learn, but your I-Ching book looks like a chemistry text book.

How can I-Ching improve my life?  What can I do to improve my life?

Is Super I-Ching easy to learn?  Can everyone become an expert in Super I-Ching?

Your site is good, but I can't say it is the best.   You use some strange abbreviations.  Why not ping-yin?  Why don't you use Chinese characters?   People have to learn your abbreviated letters, and they are not common.    And they are not very comfortable moreover. 

After a few years of practice as I gradually become a master in Super I-Ching, can I develop my own I-Ching reading style?  I mean, can I come up with a different way of interpreting the meanings of the signs?

Maybe drawing the hexagram from top to bottom will also work?  Maybe if you believe that 2 tails represent a solid line while 2 heads represent a dotted line, you still can make an accurate prediction because you believed it?  Maybe my prediction will still turn out to be accurate if I don't convert to Beijing's time? 

I have never seen anything like Super I-Ching.  Every I-Ching related book I read taught people how to throw the coins and read the quotes.  The 5 elements and the 5 stars were not even mentioned.  Where did Super I-Ching come from?  Is Super I-Ching a traditional Chinese I-Ching?

Question:  I thought you said we are not allowed to have different styles.  How come now you say there are different styles of I-Ching?

Question:  Why are there so many different styles of I-Ching?

Question:  If you say God is mathematical, how can one pray to a mathematical God?  And how can the mathematical God answer one's prayer?

Question:  Which is the strongest?  The year, the month, the date, or the hour?

Question:  According to the traditional empty dates law, t and c are empty when someone tosses the coins on day y - I.  And y & m are empty when someone tosses the coins on day cn - I.  How come your empty dates chart is not the traditional one?  How come you changed it?

Question:  Who gave you the authority to change the empty dates chart?  God?

Question:  Are you sure that every law written in your book works?  Are you sure that every law in your book functions perfectly without a flaw?

Question:  How come the Western world is not familiar with this priceless treasure?  Did the Chinese masters keep a good secret about the Wild Crane I-Ching so that the Westerners cannot steal this knowledge away from the Chinese?

Question:  What are Alex Chiu's accomplishments in Super I-Ching?

Question:  Why is Alex Chiu willing to teach us this priceless treasure?  Doesn't Alex want to keep this a secret?

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If you would like to write your own I-Ching book after you have mastered I-Ching, please ask the author for permission to use all of our element symbols, date symbols, calendar indications, charts, and the names of the hexagrams.  We encourage an unification of English I-Ching symbols so more people can learn about I-Ching.